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When you loose a long time pet it’s tough, when you loose two within a short time it’s devastating. That was the situation we were faced with not too long ago. The last thing you usually do is run out to find another dog as nothing could ever replace your old friends but… after only a few days my husband and I agreed our home was so empty it was like when the power goes out after a storm and you have no electricity in the house. So the seach began!
After looking at 1000’s of dogs on, local dog pounds, adoption events at pet stores, kept going back to this ‘ONE’ gal at GSR. Turns out she was perfect for us! That’s our amazing Taschi girl!

We were so impressed with the way they treat their dogs! All dogs are in foster homes and receive so much individual love and attention I was amazed! So impressed we decided to be foster parents as well! I highly recommend it. If you have the time and love please contact GSR to become a foster parent.
Lynn, Duane & Taschi Whitsett


My name is Larry Clark we live south of Greenville, TX and raise cattle and a few horses on our 90 ac of land.
I had a German Shepherd for quite awhile and lost her about 2 months ago to an illness, Maddie or Matt was my life, she was my constant companion 24/7, it was very hard for me to be without her and still is.
I wanted another dog and startle looking at rescue sites, non of which really appealed to me until I found Tulsa Rescue, I saw 2 dogs that really got to me, Mica & Lexi. I filled out the forms and called about them, all my questions were answered and we made the 4-1/2 hr drive to see them. I could not make up my mind on them they looked so great, I wanted both of them but that was not a smart thing for me to do. Mica made up my mind for me. Since 2/27/10 when we adopted her I have missed 1 day that she was not with me all day long. Her name should be Magnet because she sticks to me like a magnet. It is a perfect match, she craved attention and I love it and give it to her. We are out 8-10 hrs a day together checking cattle, feeding etc. She is great and at my feet as I type this. She is 100% house broke with not 1 accident and gets along with our cat.
Thank you Tulsa Rescue for her!
We are off to go feed cows!
Larry & Mica


In February on 2010 I made a phone call that literally changed my life. I had been searching for the perfect adult German Shepherd to add to my family which includes 5 children, 2 adults, a German Shepherd female puppy, and a bossy little Yorkie boy! I know this sounds like enough chaos, but something just kept telling me that our family was not yet complete. I had been making phone calls, and searching the internet with a fine tooth comb looking for the perfect dog, I had decided to give up when I came across the German Shepherd Rescue Tulsa website. As soon as I opened the page I saw my boy! I instantly knew he was our guy! Big Nikko! I was instantly in love, and made the phone call right then and there. I was answered by a man named Reggie, and he could not have been more helpful! He made arrangements for me to come to his home to meet Nikko that very day. We made the long drive from Norman to Tulsa, and from the moment I stepped out of my car, to the time we all climbed back in (Nikko in tow) it was an awesome experience! Reggie and his wife were so sweet and welcoming to me, and my huge family, allowing us to come into their home, answering all of our questions and concerns, and giving us well educated information about our new dog, and the breed in general. I could tell right away that they are truly doing this for the love of the breed, and are very selfless and giving people! I also met Lynn, another GSD foster mom, and her wonder dog, and they could not have been more sweet!
It has been 2 months since I picked up my boy, and I have never been more in love! He is BEAUTIFUL, healthy, well behaved, potty trained, and to call him smart, would be a gross understatement! He is a show stopper every where we go! Everyone wants to pet, and comment on how gorgeous he is. He follows my children everywhere, and gives us more love than we know what to do with. I know that this dog was meant to be a part of my family, and I cannot imagine life without him!
To any one out there who is considering a dog, please consider a German Shepherd. They are not only beautiful, but loyal, smart, protective, and loving. If you have already decided on a Shepherd, PLEASE adopt! there are so many amazing dogs out there waiting on their forever families! You can save the life of an amazing animal, and if you are lucky like me, you will find the one who will change yours! Good luck!
Staci Odom
Norman Ok


About 5 months ago my husband and I were looking for something to add to our family. Having a 14 month old son made that a hard decision. After researching and asking our family members it came clear to us that we wanted a German Shepherd for their loyalty and protective nature. Then we found our Kiyah, we were looking on when we saw that beautiful face, we couldn’t help but going back to her picture. After a few phone calls we were on our way the next day. When we pulled into the driveway I found myself hurrying out of the car to get to her before anyone else could! They say let the dog pick you; well she didn’t pick us, she picked our son. After him tripping and her helping him up, him walking towards the road and her turning him around and bringing him back to us, we knew she was the one. She followed him everywhere and they instantly became best friends. She is the best dog we could have ever asked for!! I instantly fell in love with German Shepherd Rescue and made the decision not long after we brought home our girl that I too wanted to become a foster mom. I just love everything about GSR and the love they give to the dogs. They have inspired me to give back and I am forever grateful for that!!

Jake Jordan and Kiyah Kerr
Coweta, OK

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