About GSDs

German Shepherds are loyal, dependable animals that originated just as their
name would indicate, from Germany. They were developed in 1899 by a German
cavalry officer, Captain Max von Stephanitza. He had a high regard for the
qualities found in various types of German sheepdogs and wanted to personify
these characteristics in one specific breed. Von Stephanitza was fully aware
that the role of the working shepherd dog was on the decline. If the breed were
to survive in the twentieth century, it would have to adjust to other types of
Captain von Stephanitza proved that with training, the versatility of the
shepherd dog could be used in many ways. This was successfully demonstrated
during the First World War by the work they did with the German Army.
German Shepherds were used for sentry and guard duty, as well as carrying
messages. They also took on the extremely dangerous duty of laying communication
cables across open country which was made virtually impossible for soldiers to
accomplish due to snipers. Drums of cable were strapped to the bodies of German
Shepherds earning them the nickname “Wire Dogs”.