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The Puppies Have Arrived!

Minnie, from the Coweta rescue, has had her puppies. With the help of lots of good food and supplements, she had 9 very healthy, big babies. The job doesn’t stop here. We still need your help to take care of all these beautiful little lives. Please remember us in your donations.image


We were called by a Wagoner County Deputy the evening of January 7, 2014. He had found 5 dogs at an abandoned house near Coweta and needed someone to come help. A wonderful volunteer ran to help. (Thank you so muck Nina Pell) When she got there, a 6th dog was found locked in a bathroom. There were 5 German Shepherds and 1 lab with a chain wrapped around his neck twice and embedded.

The next day, Norman Cole for Lab Rescue, Karla Wilson and Mitch Points for GSR, went to the house to get the dogs. As we pulled each dog out, we were horrified at the neglect these poor babies were suffering from. The little lab was in so much pain from the 20+ feet of chain that he was dragging from his wounded neck. The adult GSD male was shockingly skinny. The adult GSD female had every rib, shoulder and hip bones showing AND IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! What I thought was a starving puppy locked in a bathroom turned out to be an extremely dehydrated, emaciated 2 yr old. Not more than 25 lbs. The 2 German Shepherd mix puppies didn’t seem to be in quite as bad a shape with their bellies full of worms.

Now is the time we really need your help to cover all the expenses that these awesome dogs will incur. Please like our Facebook page for more pictures and updates.



German Shepherd Rescue of Tulsa (GSR Tulsa) is a non-profit organization and as such we rely solely on individual donations, pet adoptions and fundraising activities to defer the costs of veterinary care, food and other items needed for our rescued dogs.

Two German Shepherds

Tax Deductable Donations:

Our organization is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization, which allows all donations to be tax deductible.

100% of your donations benefit our rescue dogs. All GSR Tulsa volunteers give their time and efforts to help rescue dogs without compensation.

There are several ways in which you can help us save the lives of these wonderful dogs:

  • Donate Dog Items
  • Volunteer
  • Become a Foster Home
  • Make a Contribution


We will be showing our dogs at Petco on 96th & Riverside every Saturday from 10 to 3. Please call 918-282-8593 on Friday afternoons to find out which dogs will be shown.

German Shepherd Rescue of Tulsa

Welcome to GSR of Tulsa. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome German Shepherd Dogs. We strive to help as many GSDs as our resources allow. Surprisingly, there are many pure bred dogs that for many different reasons, end up in shelters. GSR Tulsa helps to relieve the overcrowding at shelters and is experienced in working with and placing GSDs.  For an adoption application, click here.

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Donations and Volunteers Needed


German Shepherd Rescue of Tulsa is in desperate need of donations. As the economy has gone to the dogs, so have the donations. IF WE DON’T GET SOME FUNDING, WE WON’T BE ABLE TO TAKE ANY MORE DOGS. Every day, we get calls from people who can’t keep their dogs, or just leave them in the back yard when they move. We need foster homes as well as people to help man our adoption events. We also can use any large crates, dog houses, dog runs and blankets that are available. And of course, financial donations are always needed and appreciated. Thank you for your help and remember, your donations are tax deductable.